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Neon Shop

A sign manufactured utilizing neon tubing, which is visible to the viewer. Neon signs are luminous-tube signs that contain neon or other inert gases at a low pressure. Applying a high voltage (usually a few thousand volts) makes the gas glow brightly. They are produced by bending glass tubing into shapes.


Survey Sites

Before any major job begins, we perform a detailed field analysis of the conditions to ensure that the materials used in your signage withhold over time. Do you need a new source of power brought to the signs? How are the soil conditions, if this is an exterior sign? How will your sign complement the existing architectural elements of the building? These questions are crucial in advance for the design phase to ensure that your new signs work as intended and enhance the existing location.

Parking Lot & Building Lighting

Flashtric, Inc. provides turn-key design and installation services for a variety of industrial, institutional, retail, and commercial customers. Because every installation is unique, we listen carefully to ensure every solution we create is tailored to that site while providing total program management of lighting systems at your facilities.


Permit Expediting

Prior to installing–or even designing–your new signs, it is necessary to work with local or state zoning agencies to ensure that the signs meet certain regulations. Whether you are in need of standard sign permits, electrical permits, council orders, and/or public way use permits, Flashtric Sign Inc. has extensive knowledge in navigating the local zoning requirement agencies on the city, county, and state level.


A Digital sign is an electronic messaging system, which can offer much more versatility than a traditional billboard or street sign. Digital signs offer a greater viewing distance, especially at night. LED emits light which allows one inch of text to be viewed from 50 feet away while 1 inch of standard print text is viewable up to 32 feet away. Electronic messaging systems also allow you to cycle through numerous and different messages.


Monument & Pylon

Pole or Pylon signs are freestanding, with a visible support structure. Pylons may be internally or externally illuminated and offer excellent visibility from a distance. A pylon sign is a detached sign permanently installed in or on the ground, supported by uprights, braces, columns, poles, or other vertical members which are not attached to a building, and where the bottom edge of the sign face is generally located a minimum of several feet above the base of the sign.

Monument Signs have a low overall height. Also called ground signs or low profile signs, monuments typically have a solid base and are installed low-to-the-ground. They can be internally or externally illuminated.

Channel Letters

Channel letters are a formed or fabricated three-dimensional, individually illuminated letter or graphic. Channel letters are comprised of U-shaped metal channels into which neon glass is installed. Standard channel letters have a U-channel base with a colored Plexiglas face. Reverse channel letters have metal faces and sides, but a clear plastic backing. Mounted an inch or two away from the wall, at night these letters create a halo-lit effect. Open face channel letters have a clear plastic face which exposes the letter's raw neon.